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19 August 2006 @ 09:53 am
My Brian Herbert review!  
This is my "House" books review. I thought I'd share it with my community!

I am a "Dunetic". There is no escaping that fact. I have read everything I can get a hold of, including Brian Herbert's prequals. I've made my own observations of these books. Let me share them with you.

Let's look at the negative...

1. No, these books were not written by Frank Herbert. We all know that. No one should walk into them believing that they were. They lack Frank Herbert's grace and his beautifully written prose and poetry. Period.

2. These books conflict with many of the facts layed out in the Dune series WRITTEN by Frank Herbert. (I do not mention the Dune Encyclopedia as it is a well known fact that the author contrived a great deal of the information without clearing it with Herbert Sr.) It is my belief that when an author has died, "discovered" notes or not, the written and published works are to be the ONLY source. They should be the only "bible" of any fan writer or relative completing unfinished works. Discovered notes or outlines can be used so long as they correspond with the published works. Frank Herbert MAY have written the scene where Jessica and Leto meet (as written in House Harkonnen) however, for whatever reasons he had, he chose NOT to use that version in the original Dune. Brian Herbert should have respected that. He needs to take notes from Christopher Tolkien.

OK. Now the positive...

1. Are they fun to read? Yes. For someone craving more Dune stories, they were entertaining. They weren't the philosophical pieces of mastery his father left, but they were FUN.

2. Take with them what you want and leave the rest behind. I enjoyed the little storylines that DID fit into the Duniverse as depicted by Frank Herbert.

3. If you must, believe that the official Imperial records were tainted and changed by whichever organization you wish for whatever political reasons that they believed necessary to hide whatever secrets they were hording. Be it Guild, CHOAM, House Corrino, the Fremen, or the Bene Gesserit.

4. Just enjoy them for what they are. If you can seperate the different mediums, you might have fun reading them.